Strawberry Soya Smoothie

Strawberry Soya Smoothie

Looking for a satiating drink? Then do this great clean smoothie recipe by means of following a few simple steps given underneath.

Strawberry soy smoothie is a calming beverage, made with refreshing end result like banana and strawberry it is in reality a dose of sweetness on your taste-buds. When getting returned domestic from a warm summer season day, this beverage can refresh your soul. The recipe additionally makes use of oats in its training, which can act as an strength booster for you. This beverage is a wonderfully mixed blend of strawberry, banana and soy milk altogether. It will infrequently take 1/2 an hour to prepare this beverage. Follow the steps carefully and quick. It is usually recommended that you make use of sparkling end result for guidance of this beverage to get fine flavours. You should serve this on special activities like kitty celebration, birthday, anniversary and so on. And impress all and sundry with its toothsome flavours. The substances utilized in preparation of this beverage are effortlessly available. Prepare this Continental beverage quickly and produce a massive smile on the face of your kids and loved ones. This Continental recipe is full with plenty of strawberries and banana at the side of soy milk. Adding to that, you could garnish it with mint leaves or chopped strawberries to make this an absolute satisfaction to your eyes and tongue each. This smoothies is definitely tough to withstand. Experiment a touch with culmination through following this simple recipe and create some thing very healthy and fresh to have.


350 ml soya milk
2 tablespoon caster sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
1 cup halved strawberry
half cup oats
2 chopped,peeled banana

Step 1 Peel and chop fruits

To prepare this delicious beverage, first, well slice strawberries in 2 halves and switch them in a bowl. Then, peel and chop bananas. Transfer the chopped bananas in the equal bowl.

Step 2 Blend the ingredients

Next, take a mixer-grinder jar and pour soya milk in it. Then, upload oats, sugar and vanilla essence in it. Now, transfer the chopped and sliced fruits(step 1) in it. Blend at most pace till clean and thick.

Step 3 Serve the smoothie

Lastly, set up glasses in a serving tray well and equally pour the prepared smoothie combination(step 2) in it. Serve chilled.

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