Steel Cut Oats

Maybe I have old style flavor in breakfast, but if I should handiest have one morning meal for the relaxation of my existence, it might be a bowl of steel reduce oatmeal. Today, I’m going to be sharing the way to prepare dinner Steel Cut Oats which can be creamy and perfect on every occasion. They’re without end customizable, by no means smooth, and can be made ahead for healthy breakfasts all week. If you think oatmeal is bland, unappealing, or (as one reader expressed) you “simply can’t get into it,” this foolproof steel cut oats recipe is really worth some other threat.

Growing up, we continually had a field of fruity-flavored oatmeal packets stuffed beneath the lowest shelf of our pantry. They had been sugary (that component I didn’t mind) and microwaved up into a form of slop that might trade tints relying upon what flavor of fruit it changed into imagined to imitate. Strawberry become a dull, unhappy red; blueberry turned into grey; peach became…well, we never did figure out what to call that shade.

Then, I became older and wiser. I bought the oatmeal packets without the sugar. They tasted terrible. No surprise humans concept oatmeal became horrible!

Then, at lengthy final, I became in a cute cafe in which I noticed something known as “metallic cut oats” at the top of the menu. Feeling really magnanimous (however typically curious) I decided to present this metallic cut oatmeal business a threat.

SOUL MATES. In vicinity of the tasteless, textureless muck that were my earlier bowls of oatmeal, metal reduce oats have been thick and creamy, pleasantly chewy and nutty, and left me feeling satisfied in a deep, healthful way that I thought changed into reserved simplest for folks who practice yoga.

The difference between steel cut oats and the instant oatmeal I had been eating is like comparing different foods.

Are Steel Cut Oats the Same as Rolled Oats or Instant Oatmeal?

In the sense that each one come from the same grain, yes. How they’re processed, but, is one of a kind, that’s why making a bowl of oatmeal with each of the extraordinary kinds of oats yields distinctive results.

Steel Cut Oats: The excellent bowl of oatmeal. The oats are left entire and reduce into portions with a metallic mill. Steel reduce oats are the least processed and consequently maintain the excellent texture when cooked. They also take the longest quantity of time to prepare dinner (as you may see, it’s worth waiting). If you want them geared up in a hurry, this Instant Pot Steel Cut Oats recipe is best.
Rolled Oats: A first rate although now not otherworldly bowl of oatmeal. The oats are steamed and pressed flat. If you are in a massive hurry and need breakfast in a few minutes, rolled oats are reliable option. They also are my preferred for baking (metal cut oats live manner too crunchy).
Instant Oats: Just say no to a bowl of on the spot oatmeal. These are rolled oats that are reduce into small pieces. By the time you warmth them, they lose all texture (subsequently, comfortable). Instant oats work properly in some recipes wherein you don’t need the oatmeal to hold its whole texture, like those Healthy No Bake Cookies, but might not be an amazing desire for a delectable breakfast.

If you’d want to make overnight oats, I advise this overnight metallic cut oats recipe, which is served cold and one among my favourite make-beforehand breakfasts at some stage in the warmer months. If you’re are cooking for a crowd, these sluggish cooker steel cut oats are another alternative.

For a comfy, regular breakfast, but, a steaming, creamy bowl of traditional range top metallic cut oatmeal is my all the time love.

How to Cook Steel Cut Oats

STEP ONE: Pick Your Liquid.

For each 1 cup of metallic reduce oats, you’ll need three half of to 4 cups of liquid, depending upon how thick you’d like them to be (much less liquid = thicker steel reduce oatmeal).
I love to do a mixture of water and milk to make the metallic reduce oats more creamy. You can use any form of milk you want. I generally choose almond milk (best in case you need vegan metal reduce oats). If you’re feeling indulgent (or are Ina Garten or the Pioneer Woman), entire milk is certainly scrumptious.

STEP TWO: Place the Liquid, Oats, and SALT in a Saucepan.

Note the emphasis on salt above. Add a very good pinch for each cup of metallic reduce oats.
I usually advocate kosher salt, which has a clean taste. Also, because the grains are larger, you’ll greater without difficulty keep away from over salting your meals.
Salt won’t make the oats flavor salty. Rather, it wakes up their flavor and facilitates ensure the oats aren’t in any respect bland.

STEP THREE: Bring to a Boil, Reduce to a Simmer.

Let the oats simmer for about 20 mins to start. You don’t need to babysit them. Simply stir the oats now and again to make certain they aren’t sticking to the lowest and to remind yourself how scrumptious this bowl of metallic reduce oatmeal goes to be.

STEP FOUR: Choose Your Texture.

Once the oats have been simmering 20 minutes, they’ll want about 5 to 10 minutes of additional simmering to attain their ideal texture.
“Ideal” is described by means of YOU, the oatmeal chef! Like your oats more chewy? Stop cooking them sooner. Softer, thicker, and creamier is greater your style? Let them pass the full half hour. Thirty minutes is my personal metallic cut oatmeal candy spot.
The oats will preserve to thicken as they cool, so don’t panic if they seem too skinny.

STEP FIVE: Top ’Em Off!

This is the a laugh element. Oats are a wholesome blank canvas for any of your favorite toppings and blend-ins. Fresh fruit, nuts, peanut butter or almond butter, and chia seeds are some of my move-tos.

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