Spanish Omelette

Spanish Omelette

According to my youngsters, the Spanish Omelette is “The Best Omelette in The World”. Made with egg, potato, onion and olive oil, experience warm or bloodless at any time of the day.

When my youngest become a infant he honestly didn’t care for egg-based food which includes omelettes and frittatas. This pissed off me as I frequently made them as a brief and clean dinner alternative.

It wasn’t till I served a Spanish Omelette, also referred to as a Spanish Tortilla, that he commenced to just accept eggy ingredients. Like many infants, he loved his carbs and I really consider that it changed into the excessive ratio of potatoes in this dish, that won him over.

This is simply any other example of why we should never surrender on serving our kids something they’ve formerly refused. Keep attempting and find different methods to give food. Hopefully, this Spanish Tortilla will win over your kids too.

Spanish Omelette Ingredients

To make a Spanish Omelette you will need:

Potato – You can’t make a Spanish omelette with out the standard potato. Thinly slice 600g (1.3lb) of potatoes, however don’t pass paper-thin (if the use of a mandoline) because the potatoes can stick together and won’t cook dinner well.
Onion – People have sturdy opinions to whether or not onions belong in a tortilla or not. I in my opinion like the sweetness and flavour they upload. Thinly slice one onion.
Olive Oil – This is used to prepare dinner the onion/potatoes and to cook the omelette. Only 3 tbsp of oil is needed for this recipe, a lot less than traditional recipes (which use at least a cup of oil). This makes it a little more healthy for our youngsters 🙂
Eggs – 5 or 6 relying on the dimensions of your eggs.

What To Serve With Spanish Omelette

Spanish Omelettes are scrumptious served hot or cold and are ideal for packing into lunch boxes or for picnics. Serve undeniable, sprinkled with clean herbs or crowned with a little mayo or aioli.
Enjoy tortillas at breakfast, lunch or dinner. Cut into wedges and serve with salad or veggies, as a part of the principle meal, or cut into bite-length portions (ideal for babies or babies) and serve as part of a tapas-style lunch.

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