Garden Fresh Oats Sandwich Recipe

Garden Fresh Oats Sandwich Recipe

A sandwich not only loaded with your favored vegetables however additionally with fitness is some thing that everyone need in our lives. This delicious sandwich is extraordinary clean to make and could take much less than 20 mins of your time. All you want is some sparkling vegetables for the sandwich along side one small cup of oats soaked in water. The greens cited inside the recipe can be replaced with other veggies which you like too. The sandwich is called a lawn sandwich is due to the vegetables added in it. The sauces that you add will sooner or later deliver the flavor to it and then season it with some salt and pepper. Make this sandwich for your loved ones and for yourself whilst you don’t feel like cooking whatever fancy however nevertheless want to paste in your healthy habitual. To begin, observe this step-via-step recipe below!

Ingredient Of Garden Fresh Oats Sandwich Recipe

24 slices bread
30 gm onion earrings
6 slices cucumber
6 black olives
10 gm mayonnaise
5 ml salad oil
black pepper as required
30 gm lettuce
6 slices tomato
10 gm American corn kernels
6 portions capsicum (inexperienced pepper)
five gm oats
salt as required

Step 1 Cut the bread loaf in two parts

Cut the Oats French Loaf into 2 halves. (Can use shop-sold bread) Apply the mayonnaise on each halves.

Step 2 Marinate the vegetables and spread them on the bread slices

Marinate all the vegetables with salad oil and seasoning. Spread all the greens on one half of the bread. Spread the washed oats on top of the veggies.

Step 3 Add on the cheese slices, heat the sandwich and serve!

Place the cheese slice on pinnacle. Cover with the alternative half and toast. Serve Hot.

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