Cottage Cheese And Pear Parfait

Cottage Cheese and Pear Parfait

Wondering what to try out in supper this nighttime? Then, step on your kitchen and try this Cottage Cheese and Pear Parfait supper-dish these days. This Continental recipe uses easily to be had substances and it can be organized in only a matter of minutes. As the name shows, this recipe is full with plenty of crumbled paneer and sliced pears that after used together, create a outstanding aggregate. This supper-dish is genuinely difficult to withstand. What makes it greater delicious is the exquisite combination of honey, milk and vanilla essence. Adding overwhelmed walnuts at the side of oats, gives it a crispy texture. Prepare this flavorous supper-dish in your youngsters quickly and bring a big smile on their face. One terrific factor about this supper-dish is that, it could either be consumed in morning-evening breakfast or it could additionally be served as a chilled and creamy dessert. You ought to serve this delectable supper-dish whilst you organize an upcoming dinner, lunch or kitty celebration. It will infrequently take 15 mins to prepare this brilliant supper-dish. Prepare it soon and have fun with its outstanding taste with your family.


1 cup sliced,beaten lightly low fats cottage cheese
8 chopped walnuts
1 tablespoon honey
1 tablespoon oats
1 cup sliced pear
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/four cup milk
2 leaves mint leaves

Step 1

To put together this delicious nighttime meal, first, neatly slice the cottage cheese. Then, barely disintegrate it along with your hands and maintain aside for a while. Now, smartly wash and clean the pear beneath strolling water. Then, slice it properly the usage of a cutting board and hold aside one by one. Then, chop the walnuts and once more hold apart one by one.

Step 2

Next, location the sliced pear in a steamer and cook dinner until tender. Once achieved, transfer to a bowl and hold aside for some time.

Step 3

Now, take a mixer-grinder jar and add vanilla essence, milk and honey in it. Then, blend it on minimal pace till the aggregate receives a clean texture.

Step 4

Next, well region 2 glasses in a serving tray. Then, equally divide and add crumbled cheese(step 1) in it. Now, again equally divide and add the prepared honey-vanilla mixture(step 3) over the cheese. Then, similarly divide the steamed pear slices(step 2) and place them over the mixture. Now, garnish them with chopped walnuts(step 1). Then, beautify them through spreading oats and setting mint leaves over each of the glass.

Step 5

You may also both serve it right away or you can place it in refrigerator for at the least 1/2 an hour and serve chilled.

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