Banana Berry Oatmeal Recipe

Banana Berry Oatmeal Recipe

I am a planner, no longer a “fly by using the seat of my pants” gal. Some may additionally recollect me boring, but that is why I actually have my husband, there isn’t a humdrum bone in his frame:) Once a plan is made, I like to stick to it. I additionally like to have a steady day by day habitual, maybe not as horrific as Groundhog Day, but near.

My day commonly is going like this: workout, get ready for work, devour breakfast at my table, paintings 10 hours, make dinner with the hubs, and relying at the night time I either-blog, easy, watch TV, study, or attend a social feature. Pretty simple. Sometimes I am flexible with my schedule, however I choose to have be aware. I like to paste to the plan:)

One aspect I never alternate is my breakfast. I usually consume a bowl of oatmeal Monday-Friday. Sometimes on the weekends I splurge and have pancakes, a smoothie, or desserts, etc. But I simply love my oats. They are so comforting and appropriate for my heart. I love metallic reduce oats, however I generally consume top old skool rolled oats. I never get sick of them, even inside the summer time when it’s miles blazing hot outside.

I do try and mix matters up with exceptional end result, however my favored oatmeal is my Banana Berry bowl. The banana melts into the oats and creates an extra creamy bowl of oatmeal. I top my bowl off with a splash of vanilla soy milk and clean berries.

I love beginning my day with banana berry oatmeal. My philosophy-why exchange a good thing? I never get tired of this healthy breakfast. It may be dull to a few, but boring tastes pretty darn precise to me!


Half of cup rolled oats
half of teaspoon cinnamon
half cup water
half banana sliced
2 Tablespoons vanilla soy milk
Strawberries sliced
Banana slices

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